Well we’ve been a bit quiet just lately but couldn’t resist the temptation to relay the latest communication from hydraulic clive smallperson, dean of the looneyversity’s school of bizniz. Dean Clive has always been generous in sharing his thoughts and insights with his staff.  In this week’s school newsletter he was good enough to provide a book review:

I’m presently reading the refreshingly candid The No Asshole Rule by Robert Sutton. The title may be confronting, but what a great book, and its [sic] sold over 500,000 copies! The by-line on the front cover from the Guardian reads ‘Entertaining and important … this book is a blow for humanity as well as management.’ This [sic] all about those people who vilify or humiliate others or who abuse positional power. Its [sic] about how to spot them and how to manage them. Workplace civility is its message. Its [sic] an entertaining and yet very serious book. I encourage you to have a glance.

Have a great weekend.


So there you go. From now on there will be no assholes in the School of Bizniz, indeed assholes are now persona non grata throughout the looneyversity. Hope that sets your mind at rest.