Down River: A Retrospective of Jan Reid by Mark Hutchinson

You’ll need to rush down to Dymocks to get a copy of this rare and sought after little tome. Written by the university historian, and published in the dying days of the last vice chancellorship, it pays homage to the reign of Queen Janice. Yet only fify copies were printed and unfortunately, not a single one has been deposited in the university library. In view of all this you would assume, of course, that the Emeritus Regis paid for the production of the glossy little number out of her own pocket. But did she? Did she stump up the cash to pay Mark Hutchinson for his labour. Did she cover the very substantial production costs? Or did the taxpayers foot the bill? Was this yet another example of 2013 UWS management profligacy, as university employees were denied a pay rise for eighteen months? Watch this space.