From Horse with Burnt Stable
While it appears charitable to give places to students who experienced some difficulties due to the recent bushfires this sends a number of negative alternative messages for UWS.


1.  If there is  capacity for creation of new places then current staff are under deployed. That is, UWS is not using tax payers money efficiently at the moment.


2. If current staff are not under deployed, as seems the opinion of staff in the press and the increase in casualisation, it means that greater workload may be put on staff. or greater casualisation.


3. If current staff are not under deployed,  and there is not to be  greater workload on staff  or increase in casualisation, then it must mean that students with legitimate entrance scores are thus deprived  of a place, at no current fault of their own due to the bush fires.


4. This sets a equal opportunity problem  which could be legally challenged. What other sorts of trauma – not bushfire related – should entitle someone to a university place?


5. It sends a message that with no entrance score, UWS is lowering standards?


6. The offer will not be honoured anyway in courses where there are strong professional bodies controlling entrance such as medicine so it looks like a publicity stunt.



Someone has not thought this through. Much better to look at each individual students HSC mark,  and previous record and make a decision on each.   Related  procedures have long been used in Universities  to weight who would more likely pass a course, such as high maths scores being taken into account in mathematical related areas such as Engineering, where a poor score in Art for example is deemed less important. (Mind you, I have always had a different opinion that a bit of Art etc may have produced a less single minded engineer!).