Message to the good burghers of Parra-Matta, from his Excellency the Governor of New South Wales Lt James Whiskers. Let it be widely published in the town that a band of savages is gathered on the Cumberland Plain intent on wreaking foul and vengeful siege upon the estate of Rydal-Mere, Wednesday next. The Governor’s delegation sent in the company of the NSW Corps to appease the outlaws has been rudely spurned. The offer of blankets and bread seemed only to encourage the indigents to greater bouts of furey, fuelled as they were by the firewater that they too readily obtain from the more unscrupulous traders. Troopers will patrol the boundaries of the estate to ensure that citizens can go about their business unmolested by the heathens. Let it be known that any convict who finds reason to join the rabble will be tracked, caught and flogged roundly for their treachery.