(From Tuesday’s Child)

This is a public plea for any information about the whereabouts of Professor Steve Wilson, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Planning at the University of Western Sydney. Steve failed to turn up to recent graduation ceremonies and has apparently vanished without trace. His university corporate card has not been used and those close to Steve are worried that he might have met with foul play. Part of the UWS “family” since 1990 Steve has taken on leadership roles since 1998: Head of school, Dean and then DVC. Many of his associates warned Steve that as DVC he would face some difficult and hazardous assignments and that at least eight senior managers have gone missing from UWS under mysterious circumstances in recent years. Those that have re-emerged have been terribly scarred by the ordeal and very few went on to greater glory in university paper shuffling. But, this former Navy Seal, ASIO operative and SAS veteran, thought himself well equipped to brave the shark-infested waters of Lake Werrington. So please Steve, if you are reading this, let us know if you are OK, no questions asked, for we grieve for the loss of another member of the ‘family’.