Step 1 – Check Turnitin read-outs for all student essays submitted through Turnitin

Step 2 – Consult tutors about essays with high ‘match’ percentage

Step 3 – Read Academic Misconduct Policy, and familiarise yourself with its requirements

Step 4 – Print off Academic Misconduct Policy checklist

Step 5 – Find out which professional staff member has responsibility for academic misconduct cases and inform them

Step 6 – Obtain student contact details

Step 7 – Book room for academic misconduct hearing

Step 8 – Obtain and complete standard letter informing student of the case against them

Step 9 – Download pdf of student essay and include as an attachment

Step 10 – Obtain next day delivery envelopes and post letter

Step 11 – Send email with same details to student

Step 12 – Write to academic colleague requesting that they be present at the hearing (repeat until someone agrees to do this – usually under sufferance)

Step 13 – Deal with student response (or lack of)

Step 14 – Print off academic misconduct forms

Step 15 – Conduct the hearing at the appointed time and place

Step 16 – In the light of the evidence and the student’s statements in the meeting, decide on recommended sanctions.

Step 17 – Complete the academic misconduct forms appropriately

Step 18 – Consult with the professional staff member about whether the student has been subject to previous academic misconduct cases

Step 19 – Mail and email the results of the academic misconduct hearing to the student and forward recommendations to Dean

Step 20 – Slit your wrists

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