From Worn Horse

There is a lot of criticism of management here. However, students and staff should realise that almost all senior staff have turned over  some four to ten times in the last ten years at UWS with the exception of  the VC and Ms Hawkins whom has come from a minor role in HR to Deputy Vice Chancellor. The issue has been that those able to leave have done so because the continual restructuring is exausting. Its possible to stand the extra work of one restructure but not one every couple of years or so. I am not going to comment on the ability of the staff that have not moved on but there is no doubt the more able from the rank of Head of School and above have gone and go regularly. In this atmosphere those who are left have done their best but it’s not surprising Australias 7th biggest University ranks well below that place.
I would also comment on the ethos which does not help. Universities are about putting young minds in the same room as the brightest and best old minds, thereby producing even better minds. They are not institutes for training those who have had unfortunate underdeveloped backgrounds.  The latter is a noble cause, and it is terrific when this happens, but  it should not be the goal.  The University can only expect to keep those staff interested in social work if this is the purpose. This is one, among others, of the  roles for our high schools.