From Blanket Statement

(10) UWS managers declare a fiscal emergency in late 2012, call for redundancies, and then give away free iPads to first-year students.
(9) UWS managers hire expensive lawyers to take away the rights of union members to vote for industrial action.
(8) In the course of the slowest Enterprise Bargaining process in the history of the world, these lawyers get on their mobiles during lunch breaks to confer with UWS managers, who despite being paid between 400 and 800 thousand dollars per year, still can’t be bothered to show up to the meetings.
(7) UWS managers pay these lawyers to contest union members’ right to vote on industrial action and the lawyers are so incompetent in their cutting-and-pasting that they refer to UWS as “Sydney Airport” in their submission.
(6) UWS LOSES its case at Fair Work Australia, union members are granted their ballot for industrial action, BUT the head of HR has the nerve to email staff and tout a litany of half truths implying that the NTEU has not been bargaining in good faith. Spare us the propaganda Ann!
(5) Academic staff are denied conference travel funding in 2012.
(4) Jan Reid emails all staff in May 2013 and announces that travel funding will be restored this year in the amount of approximately 2 million.
(3) Finally, at the end of July, more than two months after Jan’s announcement, and 7 months into 2013, staff are invited to apply for travel funding.
(2) Rhonda Hawkins announces a Red Tape Task Force, which will identify and eliminate “Heavy handed, costly and unnecessary administrative processes where the purpose is unclear.” This coming from the woman who decreed in 2012 that all the rubbish bins must be removed from our offices, and mandated the removal of all portable heaters from the campuses and their replacement with UWS blankets [to be fair: RH is acting in line with a long-established Australian tradition dating back to Lachlan Macquarie, who distributed blankets to aboriginals beginning in 1814. “Macquarie believed handing out blankets once a year would help alleviate the suffering, initially in Parramatta.” []; RH also came up with the brilliant decision to require the approval of the Chief Financial Officer for travel expenditures of ANY amount, no matter how small. You heard right: no one else in the finance office can sign off on these expenditures. That’s not responsible accounting: it’s maniacal and paranoid.
(1) Read numbers 2-10.