From ‘A Reader’

Dear Editors (whoever you are),

I think you are playing with fire and you should be aware. Below is an exert [sic] from the UWS Code of Conduct says and I suggest you read it. Take particular note of the bolded sentences.

A Reader

Code of Conduct

(12) The University embraces the ideal of fair and open discussion, recognising the rights of individuals to their own opinions, and supporting the principles of freedom of speech. However, it is expected that you will restrict your public expression of opinion or comment to matters that will not risk damage to the University’s reputation and prestige and avoid representing a personal viewpoint as being that of the University. You must also refrain from using a University title when expressing personal views other than within your area of academic expertise or managerial responsibility and must ensure you are officially authorised to comment on behalf of the University before doing so.


Academic Freedom


(13) UWS is committed to the ideal of freedom to undertake intellectual inquiry and the pursuit of knowledge without undue interference or influence. While the individual and the University benefit from this, we acknowledge the social context and our responsibilities and accountability to peers, each other, and society in general. You should therefore recognise that:


  1. academic responsibility encompasses an ethical obligation to the University community and society for the quality and integrity of outcomes and relevance to the work of the University [Eds: well that’s crystal clear!]
  2. there is an organisational context of consideration and decision making within which we work
  3. academic freedom does not include a protected privilege to speak out on any matter, to deride or defame individuals, groups or the University or to ignore the policies or decisions that have been formally made within the University community, or those which the University is required to observe at law.