Received from A Student

Hi UWS Dissenter,

just received an email about another review? What’s with this place – can’t they stop reviewing programs and just get on with the business of reducing class sizes and increasing staff numbers at Werrington North?

From Kerri-Lee Krause and Angelo Kourtis

Dear Students,

UWS is committed to supporting students in their learning and provides a number of learning support programs, including UniStep, AcPrep, Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) and PASSwrite, Academic Skills Workshops, Library Roving and Life and Study Skills Workshops. In order to enhance this support and explore other options to meet student needs, UWS is undertaking a review of these programs and is seeking your input into the process. Professor Rob Castle, DVC Academic Emeritus from University of Wollongong, will be undertaking the review and will be on UWS campuses on 18 and 19 June.

Dear Student,

[Please note that this email may be monitored for training purposes]. We value your contribution to the Looneyversity. We invited you to express your concerns to the Student Consultative Committee, which, under the supervision of Emeritus Pro Vice Chancellor Darryl Graveytrain is currently reviewing the processes whereby minor complaints are handled at the Looneyversity. Our aim is to streamline the lodgement of grievances with a new one-size-fits-all E Form. We are hoping that you will agree to take part in a pilot programme for this form. Simply download from the link below, fill in the relevant sections and press the submit button. We guarantee to provide a speedy resolution.


John Jobsworth (Manager – Quality Enhancement Directorate)