“MyVoice: Update on Actions in Response to Your Feedback” – Uwsconnect has also introduced some new food and beverage outlets this year and made some changes to existing outlets and menus, in response to staff feedback.” Professor Janice Reid, Vice Chancellor

UWS Blackboard Menu (updated daily)]

Today’s Special:

Blended Learning Platforms – an individually fashioned gourmet flatbread pizza prepared to the strictest standards by our UWS-trained master chefs and guaranteed to satisfy the discerning palate. Choose from our 15 varieties of savory toppings and then add your selected taste dimension from our list of exclusive extras. Indulge yourself: you know you deserve it!

BLP Toppings:

1.Bacon Lettuce Porridge 2. Bleak Leveraged Peas 3. Booked Limousine Pork. 3. Boneless Lump Preening. 4. Baked Low Pedagogy. 5. Beans Lean Prophet. 6. Broken Little Pies. 7. Bitter Lonely Page. 6. Boned Leg Professor. 7. Bubbling Looney Pudding. 8. Beetled Lemon Practice. 9. Bullied Lousy Prunes. 10. Booted Lung Praline. 11. Bloody Lard Parfait. 12. Buttered Limbered Pinch. 13. Benched Ligament Punch. 14. Blanched Lime Parchment. 15. Bombed Literary Prawns.

Extras (add 5%):

cheezey or sausage stuffed crust, juicy pineapple chunks, chips, seasonally gathered jelly beans or tic tacs, glaced cherries (our most popular ‘top’).