Email from my School Manager today:

“Ever wonder what the Office of People and Culture (formerly known as Human Resources) do besides making sure you get paid each fortnight?
Want to know who to contact in OPC with your enquiries? If so, consider attending an OPC Road Show, details below.”

Yes indeed! I do wonder what OPC does besides wasting time rechristening itself with new, evermore unintelligible names. What does the acronym stand for? Office of Paperwork Collection? Office of Policy and Compliance? Optimal Power and Control? I’m gonna go with Office of Pretentious Clowns. Not since Prince changed his name to a symbol has such confusion been created. And like the Purple One, the OPC is going on tour! The roadshow will stop at every UWS campus, where perhaps they will be asked to explain why they recently adopted a name that is so ridiculously opaque it necessitates appending the phrase “formerly known as Human Resources” to every email. Sorry, but I will have to skip the live performance. I’m just not down wit’ you OPC.