From: E-Learning Service Desk

Dear Colleagues,

The E-Learning Service Desk is now a part of IT Services and is now called Blended Learning Platforms. This means all vUWS inquiries are now logged and managed using the ServiceNow system. If you submit a vUWS inquiry you will receive email responses from this system. Although these messages may be signed off from the IT Service Desk, your inquiry will continue to be actioned by the Blended Learning Platform team. If you receive a ServiceNow email regarding a vUWS inquiry, please reply to the email or phone the Blended Learning Platforms team on (02) 985252525 for further assistance.

Kind regards

Blended Learning Platforms
Information Technology Services
Phone: 9852 5252 (ext. 5252) | Email:

OK everybody? Is that all clear?

Because if not we are actioning a half-day workshop to familiarise staff with the new nomenclature and the streamlined insitutional arrangements and delegations pertaining to IT Services. This will allow us to optimize the capacity-building opportunities arising from the Looneyversity’s investment in Blanded Learning. As you know, we have this year embarked upon a series of exciting new developments funded by the suite of Our Future initiatives. These represent a paradigm shift and demonstrate our fervent desire to leverage our existing strengths in an increasingly competitive higher education environment.  Here at the Looneyversity we operate a well-oiled machine, aiming for excellence and sector-wide best practice in all that we do. We aim to prove we are passionate, innovative and creative about education and about breaching the digital divide. By taking advantage of the synergies betwen high-quality face to face learning in traditional mode and alternative modes of delivery we will empower all of our students. They will acquire core competencies, and through these they will learn to be self-directed and proactive in their education and reap great benefits in their future careers.

Should you have any thoughts or feedback on this please email