Well that was fun, wasn’t it?  Deleting all that spam mail, I mean. It was a bit like opening the presents at Xmas. Without doing anything at all I awoke this morning to discover I had suddenly become a fully joined up subscriber to a whole batch of online communities I didn’t even know existed: the Pima County branch of the Republican Party, a chicken fanciers’ society, a group called Muslim Darlings, another called and a swingers club in Granville (703 members!!). This was the handiwork of a student or students disgruntled about the Ipad give away. So just in case you missed it, here is their message to Kerri-Lee Krause:

Dear Professor Kerri-Lee Krause,What has happened today is the result of pent up frustration at a university which spits in the face of Students and Staff with no recourse. To scrap programs, remove funding for the courses that we have paid for and get rid of staff (who work DAMN HARD despite all the crap they have to go through) just so that we can have some pathetic marketing gimmick to try to sucker people in to coming here is a disgrace.Furthermore, to engage in absolutely no consultation with students/staff about such a proposal is an insult.If you disrespect us, if you give us no chance to dissuade you then we have to fight back with whatever small means we have at our disposal.

Yours truly,

The Students of UWS.