Few departments better epitomise the Looneyversity than the quaintly and euphemistically named Office of People and Culture. Under the steady directorship of Ann Tout, OOPAC has become a veritable shining beacon in a dull wilderness of academic mediocrity. Before joining our Our People, Ann ran a charm school for up and coming corporate executives. Prominent among her clients were some well-known university managers (more on that in a future post).

Sad Sally has written to us about OOPAC’s noble efforts to bring into line the rabble of casual staff who populate the corridors and teaching spaces for about half the year. Well-paid for their labours, these ingrates have apparently been less than punctual in submitting their pay claim time sheets for processing. So the looneyversity is proposing tough measures to end this epidemic of procrastination:

I received the following email about how evil casual staff are causing problems for the ledger at uws. Here is an email full of finger pointing at casual staff who don’t submit time sheets within 14 days of the work completed. There’s just one teeny tiny detail lacking here: How the FECK can I submit time sheets on time when I wait damn near two months for my FECKING casual employment authority !!!!!

<Banging my head on my desk>

 [Eds: now, now Sally, calm down. We have to be patient with our great and glorious leaders. They’re under a lot of pressure at the moment]

Sad Sally

Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware, Casual timesheets should be submitted in accordance with pay cycle deadline dates and it would be appreciated if staff and their Supervisors could work to this pattern.

However, if this is not possible, at the very latest timesheets should be submitted and approved within (2) weeks of the work being completed, which will enable a similar timeframe to the payment of invoices to be achieved.  For example, if claims are submitted and approved within (2) weeks of the work being completed and are then included in the next fortnightly payroll, which could be another (2) weeks, then the maximum period before the timesheet is paid would be (28) days. The payment of invoices works on 30 days.

To make this clearer for casual staff and to help support supervisors improve this situation, Office of People and Culture staff in consultation with Finance and Audit representatives have made some amendments as follows:

  • Information on OPC website relating to Casual Employment under the heading “How are casuals paid” now has the wording “Timesheets need to be submitted and approved within (2) weeks of completing the work” included. This information is available from the following link: http://www.uws.edu.au/people_and_culture/opc/working_at_uws/casual_employment
  • Professional and Academic Casual Employment Authorities (CEA) have been updated to include the wording “I agree to submit timesheets within (2) weeks of completing the work and I am aware of the terms and conditions of my employment (see page 2) and agree to abide by them” added to the form where the employee signs. This requirement is also noted on page (2) of the CEA and these forms are available at the following link: http://www.uws.edu.au/people_and_culture/opc/working_at_uws/opc_forms_and_templates
  • A request has been made for the (2) week requirement to be included in the new Enterprise Agreements.

Can you please inform your casual staff of the importance of this (2) week timesheet timeframe and also request for them to submit any outstanding timesheets for payment as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Les Barrett

Manager, Remuneration, Payroll and Superannuation