From Policy Wonker

The only thing the Vice Chancellor’s Office seems to enjoy more than slashing units is the drafting of new policies. At UWS, we have policies on everything from how to throw away rubbish to how to heat our offices. What’s next? Dietary policies? Instructions on flushing toilets? If they could draft a policy on rocks, they would do it. It would be comprehensive, though they would still revisit and revise it from time to time, bringing the kind of innovative new vision that is necessary in our fastly-changing world to bear on rocks. Think I’m exaggerating? Just look at all the new policy bulletins the Chancellor’s Office was able to send out the very same day of the Board of Trustees meeting:

Recent policy approvals:
* Academic Development Program (ADP) Procedures (Revised)
* Parking and Traffic Policy (Revised)
* Space Management Policy (Revised)

Policies available for comment:
* IT Acceptable Use of Resources and Communication Policy (New – replace Email Policy and IT Acceptable Use of Resources Policy)

That’s right. They weren’t focused on ways to fix the dreaded budget crisis. No, they were churning out yet more policy! The mystery here though is not the sheer number of policies. Nor that policies change. The mystery is why the VC’s Office thinks any of this crap is important enough to announce. Why, for instance, do I need to know (a) that UWS even has a traffic policy and (b) that it has changed for the umpteenth time? Is it going to alter the way I drive? Something wrong with street signs? In short, there really is no hope for this university until the UWS Policy Generator is stripped of its powers to waste our time with micromanagement. Leave us alone to do our jobs. We don’t need to hear from you at all really.