Professor Steve Keen has been outspoken in the media about UWS management’s decision to cut the Bachelor of Economics, and is in danger of being made redundant under the proposal presented to the School of Business. An ebullient character, Steve is much loved by the Australian news media for his straight talking, shoot from the hip attacks on orthodox neo-liberal economics. In order to put into perspective UWS’s decision, we invited him to list his recent achievements. The list is pretty impressive (though we don’t really approve of him going to Israel to speak to Peres and Netanyahu right now):
“Last week I was a keynote speaker at two UN conferences in Bangkok: one for the United Nations Environment Program, and the other for the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP); This week I gave US Congressman Dennis Kucinich a briefing on the “fiscal cliff”. I meet economists at the Bank of England on Monday 26th to discuss monetary macroeconomic modelling. I’m speaking by invitation at Cambridge University on Wednesday 28th on the state of economic theory. I am speaking at Eton College, England’s most prestigious school and the school of John Maynard Keynes, at the invitation of the Keynes Society there, on Thursday 29th; On Friday 30th I am an invited speaker at a seminar on economics and debt at the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, the think tank of Germany’s third largest parliamentary party; On Monday December 3rd I am giving an invited seminar at the German Ministry of Finance; On Wednesday 5th, I’ll be back in Washington to give that seminar on the Fiscal Cliff to members of Congress; On Thursday 6th, I am a guest on BBC Question Time, the UK’s leading current affairs program; On Sunday 9th, I am a keynote speaker at The Israel Business Conference, “The Israel Business Conference, hosted by Globes ( , will include the participation of President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and other important top executives and decision makers from Israel and abroad, the conference has earned its recognition as the most prestigious business event in the country.”