Today’s Australian had this report on the UWS cuts (if you google the title you can get around the paywall):

Lo and behold by early afternoon Dean Clive (SOB) was backpedaling as fast as he could. This, I think, shows what effect a little bit of public pressure can have on university managers. Stay tuned and watch this space:

Dear Colleagues,

An article appeared in The Australian today (12 November) stating that „all economics study at the University of Western Sydney next year will be dumped except for one introductory course for first year business students and that the University will also „cut … financial planning.

The facts are that:
* We are still in the consultation period for the School of Business change proposal.
* Responding to the many comments and consultations with staff, we had already decided to offer a major and submajor in Economics. The Vice-Chancellor endorsed our proposal late last week.
* The Masters degrees in Applied Finance and Property Investment & Development, which include the study of Economics, will still be offered, as will the Honours year in Economics.
We will be continuing to meet and talk with staff to arrive at the best possible suite of units and courses within the available resources.
Professor Clive Smallman
Dean, School of Business