From Leonie

One must wonder where members of our responsible Board of Trustees are? Surely Your Voice results and this current overall change strategy (the slash and burn method inclusive) have been reported to them, or has corporate censorship rendered these outcomes as palatable pap. When statistics such as student to staff ratios well above university norm are public knowledge, when the exorbitant levels of administration number more than the productive academics and require extreme cost cutting measures, when the reputation of the university is at risk surely it is their responsibility to step in. Perhaps these responsible members are just that! Responsible; responsible for maintaining a VC who was out of touch with her staff and the current deteriorating conditions within the uni, responsible for ignoring multiple warnings that UWS was not the “happy place” of rhetoric, responsible for not addressing the growing industrial disputes and rumblings of dissatisfaction. It is time, dear board members, to stand up and be counted. Stop the ‘slash and burn’ of programs and academics and require honesty and transparency from this VC who you have ratified again and again.