From Johnny

With great vision the Executive is closing Science at PMTA Nth. That is to say, they will still have the Science program lectures, but labs/pracs are shifted to HWKS or CMPT. So, students would need to commute back and forth.
The conspiracy theorists are suggesting that the PMTA Nth campus is to turn into either a) UWS College PMTA outpost, or b) a shopping centre. Certainly offloading or developing the land would bring some much needed funds to the coffers. It would certainly turn the VC’s frown upside down. Unfortunately, the powers that be won’t tell the staff at PMTA Nth what is to happen. There is no open transparent process. Supposedly consultative, the Dean simply instructed that teaching was to be removed from PMTA Nth and eventually research would follow. Apparently nobody provide an actual costing of such a move (academics are cheap, but some of those whizz bang machines do not like to be moved). This was a big error on the management side.
Coupled with resistance from staff at PMTA Nth, negotiations continue to spend money the University apparently doesn’t have. The Dean may be forced to retract his statements about the campus shift being certain.

Does anybody put any foresight into these things? Does anybody know what the plan is anymore?