A Message from Our Great and Glorious Leader

“On the occasion of Barack Obama’s victory in the US election , I would like to draw attention to the similarities between our university’s mission and the tradition of American civic democracy. We are the university of the people! Our mission to engage with the diverse and the downtrodden – ‘give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free’ – shines like a street light on the M4. Be you black or white, rich or poor, able bodied or disabled, gay or straight, you are welcome at UWS
Unfortunately we also have to announce that due to some cash flow problems we plan to stop teaching three community languages as of the end of 2012. They are Arabic, Italian and Spanish. In place of these we plan to introduce a new major in Monolingualism, a first for an Australian university. There are rumours circulating that we also plan to cease teaching English but these are completely false. UWS will remain a genuinely multicultural university with an unbreakable commitment to the diverse communities of our region.