From Wilhelmina

Q: When is a discussion paper not a discussion paper?
A: when it’s a discussion paper delivered by the PVC Education to the Student Learning Unit (SLU) about the disbandment of the unit, which is then followed by the Change Management Proposal 10 (calendar) days after the discussion paper was released, but before the SLU sends its response and an alternative model. Just to give you an understanding of the timeline:

Thu 11/10/2012 11:16 AM
Meeting called for Friday 12 October at 1.15 pm
“Our apologies for the short notice, but Friday is the only day available for this meeting and so Kerri-Lee would appreciate it if you could make this a priority.”

Friday 12 October 1.15 pm. Discussion paper (hard copy) given to the SLU at the meeting with PVC Education
Monday 22 October 2.19 pm: Organisational Proposal structure emailed to staff of SLU and TDU (Teaching Development unit)
“In accordance with the University’s General Staff Agreement 2009 – 2012, we now wish to invite you to attend a formal consultation meeting regarding the Student Learning Unit to discuss the proposed changes.

Date: Monday, 29 October 2012
Time: 11.45am – 1.00pm”

Note that the General Staff agreement was referred to, although the SLU staff are academic appointments.

Due to an outcry and strong representations by the SLU and the NTEU, the formal consultation meeting was postponed until Thursday 1 November. It remains to be seen what input from the SLU will be incorporated into the proposal. And as for the beheading of Janice Catterall, the Director of the SLU…

Words fail me.