From The Least Asset

Once upon a time, an overcrowded administrative office had one too many desks. An academic asked if she could move one of the desks into her office. An admin person told her to go ahead and take it. Then ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. Capital Works discovered that the desk had been moved! Didn’t the admin person know that a form must be completed, approved by the Dean, the deputy Dean, and the DVC before a piece of furniture could be moved down the hall? Clearly there was only one solution. No, the form could not be completed retroactively. Clearly THE POLICY had been violated, so the desk had to be moved back to its original home at once. After the university had spent valuable time and money putting everything back in its rightful place, the disobedient academic settled back into her office and checked her email. Someone from IT had emailed everyone in her school with the following message: “I am trying to locate a computer with ITP # *****. If you are in possession of the above leased asset please let me know. Your new computer has arrived.”