From Grumpy Person (only half in jest, we think – eds)

“We know other universities in Sydney have dropped their cut-offs dramatically to take more students and will undoubtedly continue to do so.”

In a recent email we were told that UWS’s financial woes are because the other universities in Sydney uncapped their enrollments. Our students are, and will continue to be, departing in droves to get a degree from a place that respects learning. From universities to our east who think a university unit should take more than 10 weeks and that education demands real-life lectures not blended learning. These students are rushing off to universities that have more than the barest minimum of units to progress on offer, because they believe their faculty have more to offer than just tutoring in survey units.

Lucky students!

Why not the rest of us?

I believe the best way forward for UWS is amalgamation with the University of Sydney. We don’t even need to buy new letterhead and business cards, just a lot of whiteout to take care of that middle word. Parentheses might also do the trick.

And, no, I’m not proposing that we all go work down in Camperdown. I don’t want our students to all have to fork out the big bucks for a shared terrace in Newtown. We keep our campuses, our libraries, and our administrative personnel. It all stays the same except that we now operate as an arm of USyd. Since the University of Sydney actually does care about the intellectual quality of its teaching and research, we might get to keep a bit of diversity in our unit offerings and can avoid the cheap trimester option!

The only baggage we don’t need to bring along to become University of Sydney (Western) are the (mis)managers at the top!