From Aggropology

From VC Jan Reid today:

So as they say ‘what’s not to like? Baldly, our financial position… This year… we received $14M less than we planned for, and 2013 will be no less straitened. 
Well thanks for that Vice Chancellor. Very much appreciate your being candid with us. Great to have you at the helm in these austere times. But tell me? If we’re in such dire straits, the worst financial crisis this university has faced, why were you able to go on a month long tour of the USA in the middle of the year, all expenses paid by our cash-strapped university?? Given that there’s no conference money for academic staff don’t you think that looks a little bad?

You wrote that ‘the majority of our income goes to Schools and the remainder to administration, libraries (seven), maintenance and renewal of campuses, IT, utilities, insurances, and so on.’ Really? That’s not what the Deans think! And they’ve told you so. You might claim that most of the money is going to Schools but we all know that’s all smoke and mirrors, don’t we? In fact we pour more money into administration than almost any university in Australia. So when are are some of these legions of middle managers going to be placed under the microscope?

And while we’re at it, you tell us that “Teaching needs and responsibilities must always be addressed before other
allocations of time are made.”. But don’t we have an Enterprise Agreement that says that the financial situation of academic units should not be taken into account when determining teaching workloads ? I think you’ll find that this aspect of your little communique is in breach of UWS’s  legal commitments. Anyway that sort of thing has never troubled you in the past, has it? You can always make it up as you go along when you’re hauled down to Fair Work Australia again.
Yours aggrievedly