Professor Clive Smallman, the Dean of the School of Business, is an enthusiastic citizen of our esteemed institution and one making his mark in the cut-throat world of university management. A native of Wolverhampton, UK, he lived for some years in Christchurch before making his home on the more tectonically stable soil of the Cumberland Plain. Author of numerous papers including ‘A Case Study of Emergency Decision Making’ in the International Journal of Risk Management and ‘The Respected Manager’ in the International Journal of Hospitality Management, he is gaining a reputation as a man on a mission.

But lest you mistake our Clive for just a Gradgrindian utilitarian we are keen to reveal his softer side. The Vice Chancellor’s favorite Dean is something of a renaissance man and an inveterate blogger. In his early blog the ‘Dude from Down Under’  was given to bursts of great levity. Indeed it was Clive who first drew our attention to the hilarious satirical website the ‘University of Bums on Seats’ (see Of late his blogging has mellowed into philosophical rumination. Here are some pearls of ecological wisdom from his personal website:

Why Not Step Into the Same River Twice?
Because we can’t. I’m a process thinker and all life is process. Rivers change continuously and so does life. The river too is an excellent metaphor for education in all of its forms. The issue for me at the moment is that the education river is being dammed (and damned). We desperately need a rethink
Indeed we do Clive and you’re clearly the man to do the rethinking. So in the spirit of inclusion, and intellectual freedom, we’d invite you to present your vision, to ‘dip your toe’ in the waters of UWS Dissenter. Please forward to us, at your earliest opportunity, a contribution explaining your plans for the School of Business, and how they will enhance academic life and the student learning experience. Our blog is widely read within the UWS community (with now five thousand hits and counting) and we know how keen you are to use the internet to spread the word.