From A.Contributor (and oh what a lovely piece of writing! Eds.)..

In true Orwellian fashion the looneyversity of waste and sadness is now implementing rule 101. Any unit (we used to call them subjects) with under a hundred and one enrollments (we used to call them students) is now potentially in danger of being sliced off the curriculum platter of ‘choice’ as the university wants to cut its subject offerings by 25%. What’s the rationale behind this? Not ‘quality’ or ‘excellence’ or the promotion of UWS ‘values’. Nope, just rule 101…Today I got an email from Jan inviting me to celebrate ‘Diversity Week, to be held from 17 to 20 September, … an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the UWS community and to promote the values of respect and inclusion’. See two and two do make five. While I’m out and about celebrating, respecting and including, I can be sure there will be a nasty little snipper lurking in the shadows waiting to cut off those offending little units so that they wont mess up the dream of the perfect ‘blended’ learning experience, a magic pudding degree where one large uploaded online subject fits every student’s appetite and requires no academic staff (or at most a .5 casual appointment) . It will run continuously, day and night, three or more semesters a year, with a special discounts at christmas and mid-year stocktaking sales. Anyone buying??