Dear Deputy Vice Chancellor,


Thanks for your email of August 23rd informing me that the university places importance on the mental health and wellbeing of its staff and students. And thank you also for inviting me to attend a forum on this matter, which I have to decline due to the volume of work that sits on my desk. But you’ll excuse me for being a little perplexed. The results of the university My Voice survey seem to contradict your claims that UWS is concerned about employee wellbeing.


Of those surveyed only 58% agreed with the statement ‘I feel emotionally well at work’, which presumably means that 42% of your staff feel emotionally unwell. This is surely a sign of that UWS is not meeting its obligations to staff in this regard. Perhaps an explanation as to why so many staff are unwell can be found in other responses. For example, only 33% of staff agreed with the statement ‘I am consulted about before decisions that affect me are made’ and only 37% agree that ‘senior management listen to other staff’. So two thirds of employees experience a sort of institutional ‘locked-in syndrome’, feeling that their voices are simply not heard.


The university has a public commitment to recruiting and retaining good staff. The ‘Our People 2015’ document states that the university considers staff ‘our most important resource’ and that ‘we firmly believe that an investment in the development of our people is an investment in the future of UWS…’.


But as long as you continue to ignore us, starve our units of funding,  and treat our views with such disdain you’ll forgive me for looking upon these words as just another example of managerial double-speak.


Yours sincerely


UWS Dissenter