From Sad Sally
Hi dissenter team,
I love the blog but woud love to see more frequent posts. I guess it helps if you get contributions to put out more content more often.
I am annoyed by those little red waste bins which you’ve already posted about, but imagine my shock when I saw the price of these things: $3.95 each. Let’s hope there was a decent group discount on them because that is a crazy waste of money. Whatever happened to the re-use; make-mend and make do mentality of our nations money saving statesmen and women? UWS is wasteful and dissapointing to my way of thinking. This mini bin stunt has nothing to do with helping the environment but is yet another faux green endeavour where the uni is trying to cut the costs of bin pick ups.
Pity the hot offices don’t even get a bin to share between desks- so I have to either carry my rubbish around in a bin liner to my classes or dump it like I just don’t care.
Here’s the link to bins:

Desktop mini landfill bin
(Made from Corrugated Plastic)
10cm x 10cm x 10cm
$3.95 each