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Easy economics assignment due on Friday 20/04/2012

$60 – If mark is 10-15/20
$120 if mark is 16+/20

please email or sms me if interested.

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Essay 1 Due by 5.00 pm Friday 20 April 2012 (end Week 7)
Essay 1 should be 1500 words and include a minimum of six academic sources cited in text and included in the Bibliography. Questions are based on tutorial topics in weeks 2-6. Students will choose from the following questions:
1) Compare and contrast Australia’s two great depressions – in the 1890s and the 1930s. Analyse the ways Australia recovered from each of these, considering the similarities and the differences.
2) In what ways did the role of the state in the Australian economy become more important in the 25 years prior to the First World War?
3) How were the aims and strategies of postwar reconstruction and development of the Australian economy implemented and with what success?
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20 April 2012
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Hey mate, they seem like pretty interesting topics and Im sure i could get you decent marks for one of them. However I would request 100 dollars for the whole job, not dependant on mark (unless it fails obviously), 50 before I start and 50 when i deliver. I would also need access to your university number and passsword in order to access the acadmeic sources stored in the various databases. Also photo copies of the Weeks 2-6 tutorial readings/toppics would help a lot.

about 22 hours ago

isnt this illegal what u are doing?

about 13 hours ago

surely u would want to do this yourself and try and study

about 13 hours ago

I dont know if it is illegal, essentially i am paying to get help, its really not that bad. Surely your ethics are in line with what is perceived as “right” however everybody is different at the end of the day

about 5 hours ago

Its almost like saying that personal tutors should be criminalised

about 5 hours ago