From CrystalBed

UWS  Library Collection Development and Access Policy. Clause 50 states: “Generally, if a title is accessible electronically, the Library will not purchase additional print copies. If the electronic version is in high demand, multiple access to that title may be purchased.”


Therefore the UWS library is now only buying e-books, not paper books. The issue is that e-book publishers such as ebrary do not allow users to download the whole book or print more than 40 pages of the book. In addition, the UWS library website for e-books is so clunky that you can’t really see the whole book, but only each page at the time (it takes ages to upload each page on my office computer!). It’s easier to read a book on Google books than on the University library (!). I thus find this highly problematic for several reasons:
1.       I am not able to see the whole book and find out how the main argument runs throughout the book.
2.       I am not able to highlight or write notes next to particular passages.
3.       I am not able to read it outside my office (for instance, on the train) or somewhere nice such as a park bench.
Therefore, I am afraid e-books are basically useless for research. It may work for reading fiction, but it does not work for academics who need to refer to the book over and over again.  If UWS wants to continue saving money by buying e-books, they should provide us all with IPads or Kindles.