University of Paranoia wrote:

Number of times per year I am asked to change my email password at UWS: 6
Number of times per year I was asked to change my email password at other universities prior to coming here: 0
Number of times I have ever been required by my bank to change my online banking password: 0

Get the picture?

In addition, UWS requires that students must only correspond with staff using their UWS email addresses because management believe, erroneously, that all messages are saved in perpetuity on some server. Well, I have talked to friends who work in IT at major financial institutions and they have guaranteed me that every institution must periodically erase messages so as not to exhaust server space.

And since we are on the topic, it only take the least competence in email technology to grasp that when a staff member replies to students at their non-UWS email address, the response is saved on a UWS server, and presuming that the staff member retains the email trail in their response, then the entire record of the conversation is preserved on the server!