From Major Nancy

Great idea.  I’d like to take up education at UWS and the steady lowering of standards that’s been imposed on lecturers the past few years.

We seem to be operating under two false premises.  One is that if we keep standards high, students will stop enrolling.  Where will they go, Oxford?  Two is that if we mandate attendance, students will sue us.  I’ve never heard of one student threatening us with legal action for being compelled to be a student.

The reality is that students clear the bar you set for them, however low or high, and our students are generally capable of more and better work than we ask of them.  When Admin infantilizes us, how can we then expect our students to respect us in turn?

One other UWS pedagogical myth is that we aren’t capable of assessing participation fairly.  This is nonsense, and frankly a philistine revival of the Gradgrindian model of education once excoriated by Dickens.

Our students will get a lot more out of regular attendance and graded participation than they ever will out of checking their learning outcomes against their course attributes.  Or was it the other way around?  I can’t keep track.