From Hamilton Aquae

Unit outlines are a joke, a very long joke.  Nobody takes them seriously, except those academic staff members who have decided to perpetually ‘reinvent the wheel’ and substitute outline-writing for a gainful use of our time.  It was simply an aggravating waste of time to spend a day trying to specify the difference between assessment and marking criteria- who would have believed there was a distinction before we read it in our UWS unit outline templates?

Students are emphatically not interested in this lengthy,pseudo- legalistic, sophistic pedagogy-speak. All they want to know is when the essay is due and whether there is going to be a roll taken in class.

The fact that higher ups have to check our work to make sure we’ve over-explained every minutinae of the unit is insulting as well as pointless. After my outline was ‘checked’ I found that the assessment items percentages had been changed.  They only added up to 90%.  I left it on vuws for a while, until the students asked how the extra 10% was decided.  Nice job, UWS!

A unit outline should be a basic schedule of readings, should tell the students what the assignments are, and that’s it. All this criteria and learning outcomes stuff just creates the strange feeling that staff can’t teach, grade or be responsible for a unit in our own terms; we can only disclaim and alientate the students.

I’m tired of so many websites, online forms, logins and strangely-named systems. No more, and no more upgrades, please!