From Dingo Dollars:

In my fairly long career teaching at several universities, these are some things I’ve only witnessed at UWS:
1) the Library fining academic staff for overdue library books.
2) a unit outline template that is longer than the job application to work at UWS.
3) emails telling me I’ll be in violation of some code if I show students the unit outline of my class before it’s been “approved” or if I release my grades “too early.”  4) invisible committees telling me I need their “approval” to change an assessment item in the class I’m coordinating.  Exactly whose head/s will explode if I go with a presentation instead of a quiz?
4) a “grade meeting” where everybody wastes 3 hours listening to the convenor go “was there a reason your grades were a little [insert: high/low]?” To which one colleague after another says “yes there was a reason.” And then we all eat cake.

5) last but not least, what I like to call the Reply-All Epidemic, where colleagues click reply-all (instead of just reply), letting the whole university in on the most mundane details.  FYI, I’ll know you’re at the meeting when we’re both there, but hey, thanks for the heads-up!