Staff at the University of Western Sydney! Is your working life blighted by red tape – by forms, unworkable procedures and policies that devour the hours that should be spent on important things? Have you ever raged against the university’s dysfunctional systems, the managerial regulation and surveillance of every aspect of everything you do, with no way of changing things, no place or avenue to vent your frustrations? If any of this is familiar then read-on. This blog functions as an outlet for UWS staff dissent. Here’s how it works. Send us an email describing your frustrating work experiences to the following address We will publish these on the blog anonymously. We will NOT, however, publish material that is defamatory, malicious or based on prosecuting feuds with particular colleagues. Rather we are seeking constructive commentary (angry words are fine!) on the frustrations of the job. A small editorial group will moderate contributions. We recommend you do not use your university email address to communicate with us but create an alternative address (gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc) and use that. Rage in silence no longer! Writing about your anger can be cathartic and, in the absence of university channels through which to express our views, our collective contribution may shame the university into changing policies and procedures that don’t work and drive us all crazy.

UWS Dissenter Editorial Team